And so we reach our conclusion. The ten greatest movies of all time. Well if I’m honest, they’re not the greatest movies ever without question, everyone should have their own interpretation of what the greatest movies are. But these are my ten greatest movies. The ten films I turn to when I need a cinema fix. The movies which mean the most to me. These are the films which I would probably die for. These are most importantly, the ten films YOU really need to watch…….

10 –The Evil Dead 2 – Dead By Dawn (1987) Dir. Raimi

Horror comedy is not easy. Most who try it go too far one way or the other. But Evil Dead 2 is for me the greatest black comedy ever made. Its slapstick is managed just the right amount with its buckets of blood, creating an experience unmatched anywhere else. You’ll laugh and you’ll be scared in equal doses. You may question some of the acting, the special effects or even the dialogue. But then if you’re doing that, then you’re over thinking one of the purest pleasures cinema has to offer. Also a career high from the under used and brilliant Bruce Campbell. Groovy indeed.

09 –Aliens (1986) Dir. Cameron

Another sequel in my top ten! I hold Aliens in the same regard as Predator. Both are films which perfectly infuse sci-fi and action. What perhaps gives Aliens the edge though (and some may disagree) is the sheer number of aliens threatening our protagonist. It’s carnage. Total carnage. I also can’t think of a more bad ass heroine than Ripley. I think she might even kick Sarah Connor’s ass in a fight……

08 – True Romance (1993) Dir. Scott

I have been a big fan of True Romance since I first saw it. As time’s passed, it’s grown on me more and more. Last year I had the pleasure of seeing it at the cinema, and seeing it on the big screen made me realise that this really is one of my favourite movies. Tony Scott was one of the greatest under-rated directors working in Hollywood. Give him one of the best cast ever assembled and a Tarantino script, and you’ve got a never bettered winning formula. A fairy tale romance unlike any other.

07 – The Godfather: Part II (1974) Dir. Coppola

The Godfather II is how a sequel should be done. The film is part backstory (following a young Vito Corleone’s rise to power) and part sequel (following his son Anthony Corleone’s rise to power and the problems that come with it). Both parts of the story enrich each other, and help to cover a cinematic landscape that other directors would have to have used a TV show to tell the story of. The film is an overwhelming feat of the grandest film making, and a good example of a sequel that some argue is better than the original.

06 – Goodfellas (1990) Dir. Scorsese

The greatest Scorsese movie is also one of the greatest gangster movies ever put to screen. Like The Godfather, Goodfellas is on the grandest scale, spanning a large period of time in a classic rise and fall tale of doomed masculinity. It’s charm is in its direction, the camera flourishes as it goes from extreme close ups to extended single takes. If you had to show someone how to make a movie, you would be wise to show them Goodfellas.